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What are your COVID policies?

We know it is difficult to plan an event right now when there is so much unknown for today, let alone the future. Because of that we have added a clause to our agreement with a reschedule policy. As of right now we are offering 1 free date change without having to pay another non-refundable deposit. If you have to move your date again, another deposit will be necessary to save it.

But what if you aren’t available for my new date?

Well, the good news is we have more than 1 option for every photo booth we have. That’s a VW bus, a Bug, an open air booth, a gif booth and a circle booth.  we’ll work together at that time to discuss an alternative option.

COVID has hit the event industry hard. Are you going to make it?

Yes. We have had to re-evaluate our expenses and pick up some extra work outside of the event industry but we are grateful to have received a loan that will float us through Spring 2022 even if we didn’t have another booking (which we expect many more, so we’re good).

Can I surprise my guests by putting The Photo Bus get inside?

Yes! As long as we can fit in the door and get permission from the venue, we will be there! This mobile photo booth has been inside the following venues in El Paso: 150 Sunset, The Marriott, The Convention Center and other places. 

My DJ/photographer has a photo booth. Should I use them?

I hear you saying, “but it’s cheaper and it is one less person to communicate with on my wedding day!” We won’t argue with you there and we want to support our fellow “friendors” in the industry! But at The Photo Bus we specialize in the photo booth experience. 100%  of what we do are photo booths. We have strong communication skills and keep you updated every step of the way regarding what to expect and when you’ll hear from us next, and what we’ll need from you.

What if we can’t get The Photo Bus inside? What do we do?

This is something we’ll discuss before you book your photo booth. There are many El Paso venues where it doesn’t matter at all that The Photo Bus is outside. In fact, it’s better that way as it leaves space inside! But if it is not possible to get it inside and you are certain you want us to provide this experience, you’re in luck: we have 3 other photo booth options for you to choose from.

Do you have an attendant on site to keep things running smoothly?

Yes! All of our photo booth rentals come with a trained attendant at the booth to keep things running smoothly. They’ll be there should any technical difficulties arise (rare) and also to encourage the guests when they say, “I don’t know what to do with my hands!”

Do you charge for set up and tear down time?

Nope! Our rates include 2-3 hours of rental time which is the time the booth is actually open for your guests. Set up and tear down is included in that pricing, but not in the timeframe.

Do I need a photo booth?

I mean… do you NEED it? Of course I’m going to say absolutely! But I may be a bit biased. The truth is a photo booth is more about your guests than it is about you. We customize the prints and the background for you but at the end of the day it’s an added piece of entertainment for your guests. It gives them something to do and to take home, whether it’s a text or email with their images or an actual print in their hands.

Do you print on-site? 

Of course we print photos on-site for all of our booths except the gif booth (which is social sharing only), and at no additional cost! What's even better is each person who takes their picture in our photo booth gets a copy of the customized images.

Can you personalize the prints? 

We always have The Photo Bus logo on the bottom of prints, but we will also personalize it for your event, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, fundraiser, or just because! We are all about creating memories, so we are so happy to work with you to help people remember each event.

Can I change the background? 

Do you have a theme for your event? No problem! We will work with you to do our best to match our photo booth background with your theme orcolor scheme. At this time we have multiple backgrounds to choose from for the bus, and several other options for our open air and gif booths. 

How much does it cost to rent your photo booths?

Pricing varies based on the photo booth of your choice. Contact us to receive pricing and check availability!

Do you travel? 

We do! There will likely be a fee. We can discuss that.

How do I know if you’re available? What’s it take to book?

A $100 non-refundable deposit and a digitally signed contract saves your date. It’s super easy!

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